About Notary SA

At Notary SA, we take pride in customer
service. Our main aim is to provide a fast,
professional and an efficient process to
clients based in South Africa and abroad.

We provide innovative solutions, as well as fast
and reliable assistance to help clients efficiently
process their documents.

Our team consists of highly trained experts
who can tailor services to meet clients’
specific needs.


Services We Provide

Letter of Non-Impediment

A letter of Non – Impediment is
issued by the Department of Home
Affairs in South Africa to confirm
your Marital Status. In most
instances, this document is
required when marrying abroad.Read More »

Sworn Translations

Sworn translations are endorsed
with a stamp and signature. The
document is legally equivalent to
the original document which is
officially recognised and accepted
in a court of law.Read More »


We can help you in having your
documents apostilled or attested
for international use. Our experts
ensure that the process runs easily
and effectively.Read More »

Police Clearance Certificates

We assist in processing South Africa
Police Clearance Certificates, whether
you are in South Africa or abroad.Read More »

Department of Home Affairs

Notary SA assists clients in obtaining
Home Affairs documents, such as unabridged
birth certificates.Read More »

Visa Applications with Visa Logistics

Our partnership with Visa Logistics
guarantees quick and efficient visa
application services for many countries

Police Clearance

At Notary SA, we strive to bring you the best notary service in South Africa. We can assist you with having your documents submitted without the struggle of queues or hassles that follow.

Your documents can also be collected or delivered straight to your door.