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Visa Logistics are experts in United Arab Emirates visa services since 2008, with offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We offer a superior, hassle-free Dubai Tourist and Work Visa service that provide diligent and comprehensive preparation of the application, submission and return, in the shortest time possible.

We achieve this by having offices close to all Consulates and Embassies within South Africa, offering a door-to-door delivery service, which means we can secure your visa in 4 days or less with a simple 2 step process.

1. Temporary stay in the U.S. as a crew member on board
For the approval of this visa category it is necessary to prove that the activity on board the vessel is part of the normal operation. Crew members who are in American waters on their C-1/D visa must leave the U.S. on their ship after a maximum of 29 days. The U.S. authorities define departure as when the ship departs from a U.S. port to a port outside the United States (the U.S. includes not only the mainland but also Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the American Virgin Islands).
2. Evidence of crew member activity
To obtain a C-1/D visa, the traveller should ideally be on the crew list of the airline or ship as a crew member. In addition, a letter from the employer confirming the working relationship with the airline or (cruise) ship must be available. The applicant may not receive any remuneration from the U.S. side or a U.S. company.
Tip: At the time of application itself, the person does not have to be employed yet, but a contract should be available that confirms the future employment on board.
3. Proof of intention to return (= strong ties to the home country or country of origin)

In concrete terms, this means that the C-1/D applicant retains his permanent residence outside the United States and intends to travel to the U.S. only for a temporary stay.

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